Amanda Carpenter- Cruz Secret Weapon

Amanda Carpenter tweet about Ben Carson in Iowa Caucus

On the day of the Iowa Caucus, @AmandaCarpenter tweeted out the following at 4:46pm CST:

“Carson is ‘taking a break’ after Iowa? This should be read as if he’s releasing his supporters, IMHO”

Between her tweet and the tweet of @danpgabriel at 7:07pm, how would @CNN be responsible for the Cruz Campaign Caucus Captains decision to tell Iowa Caucus voters that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign?


When a team in the NFL doesn’t produce, who is responsible?  The HEAD COACH!  The GENERAL MANAGER!  When an underhanded political tactic as dirty as this happened in Iowa with the Cruz Campaign, who was responsible?  NOBODY!  Cruz apologized to Dr. Carson, but AFTER HE STOLE votes to win Iowa.  This proves he is a cheater.  End of story.

Why would Amanda Carpenter be such a secret weapon that would put out a misleading and deceptive tweet at this one?  Here ya go:


Ted Cruz, accept our challenge.