Ted Cruz tried to ban dildos, until he figured out he would be out of a job in the Senate


Ted Cruz caught liking cuck PORN


Pervert Ted Cruz BUSTED on Twitter liking a hot and juicy Xrated PORN vid


Well, well, well… Hi Senator Cruz.  It’s been awhile.  Thank you for being such a douche bag pervert.  We knew you would come around to being the hypocritical, self admiring, slimy little man we know you are and do it in a very dumb way.

Nicely done too!


The next time you raaaaiiiiise your hand… chantttttt preeeaaaach in that annoying ass voice of yours…. and hold that Bible… remember Teddy… you’re a dirty little slick ass politician that watches porn and spanks your monkey.

Thanks for the LOL Senator!  You legend!

Here’s your new slogan Cruz- “When I’m in Iowa, I love corn!  When no one’s around, I love PORN!”

**UPDATE** Offer of $20,000 still stands for the Ted Cruz Sex Tape!



Why the Ashley Madison account proves Ted Cruz is a cheater

Ted Cruz Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, at AshleyMadison.com, is the go to website for married people that want to have an affair.  A team of hackers known as The Impact Team threatened Ashley Madison with a hack to reveal all of their cheating customers if they did not take the website offline.  Ashley Madison did not comply and take down the websites, so The Impact Team hacked the website servers, retrieved thousands and thousands of member details within the database, and held it.  There was a time frame of silence, almost as if the two parties were playing chicken, and then, without warning, on August 18, 2015, The Impact Team released over 25GB of customer data live online for all to view.



The Christian Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, had his email exposed.  Is this Christian?  To cheat on your spouse I mean.  I can’t remember them teaching that in Sunday school.

Let’s tie this all together really, really quickly.


We KNOW that Ted Cruz knows The Constitution.  In fact, we’ve heard he knows it so well that he can actually recite it.  Well, the Bible is a whole different story.  So there’s probably no way he could memorize that book.  With this shared, we thought we would help out Senator Cruz with a few Bible verses on cheating:

Proverbs 12:19 Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed.

Exodus 20:14 Never commit adultery.

Luke 8:17 There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come to light.

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be kept honorable in every way, and the marriage bed undefiled. For God will judge those who commit sexual sins, especially those who commit adultery.

The Breakdown

It has been said that once a cheater, always a cheater.  Here is the DIRECT IRONY of Ted Cruz’s slogan- TrusTED… it’s utter fiction.  I wouldn’t trust that man to babysit my children.  It doesn’t matter if he fulfilled the obligation and actually got down and dirty with any of the women, single or married, on Ashley Madison.  The ACT of CHEATING was performed at the commitment of engaging in the membership to cheat.  How can we draw a direct line to his political escapades?  Well, when his team, and I’ll make that clear, HIS TEAM, since he relieved himself of all responsibility (cough cough BS), delivered phone calls, text messages and emails to Cruz Campaign Caucus Captains and other operatives within the camp right before the Iowa Caucus started that Dr. Ben Carson had suspended his campaign [/account/].  That was cheating.  One can argue, but Ted Cruz didn’t “verbally” say it!  He didn’t “commit the act” of this so-called cheating.  How about refer back to my comment about Ashley Madison- he may not have banged his little sausage into any of those foxy babes, but HE SIGNED UP, HE JOINED, HE ENGAGED IN THE ACT TO CHEAT and it was HIS CHOICE.

How can anyone trust someone that is a narcissistic, deceptive and hypocritical human being?

Do I believe that Ted Cruz cheated on his wife?


Do I believe that Ted Cruz cheated in Iowa?


Do I believe that Ted Cruz will continue to cheat in life?


Follow us on Twitter.  Join us on Facebook.  This story is about to get REAL!  And if you’re not doing anything, let’s see if we can get #CruzAshleyMadison trending.  Ya know, just for fun.

DC Madam phone records could DESTROY Ted Cruz and ALL of Washington DC


DC Madam ex lawyer put out some docs, and it has CLOSE company names


So far we’ve uncovered 2 potential parties that share a connection with Senator Ted Cruz.  A CLOSE, CLOSE connection.  So close, it could be considered some hush money of their own, similar to that of Cruz’s Super Pac to Carly Fiorina.

Much more to uncover and research!

Thank you Mr. Sibley!

Cruz Sex Scandal and Govt ties to escort services started with Dick Cheney



The info just keeps coming!

Escorts, phone records, former Vice President-

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is the Judge BLOCKING DC Madam records



Could President Obama be in the DC Madam’s black book??!!

It’s news broken by OAN and it poses the question of why would Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Super Court Justice nominee, be blocking or stalling a ruling on the release of the DC Madam’s phone records.


Undeniable proof Ted Cruz cannot be President

image credit DailyKos.com

Special thanks to Pastor Cooper and the North American Law Center.

We’ve seen the video testimonial of deciphering the Constitution on natural born citizen, but this is explosive.  The Senator apparently is even dumber than we initially thought.


Stefan Molyneux breaks down the Cruz Sex Scandal


After several messages on Twitter and emails, we are putting the Stephan Molyneux video on the site.  The reason we did not immediately publish it, is because it’s an hour long and it’s a summation, admittedly with his unique humor, that hits all of the media takes on the Trump-Cruz battle of the wives etc.


Ted Cruz, the habitual liar, is caught lying 6 times in under 4 minutes


The Cruz Sex Scandal, Senator Sex Scandal, or whatever you want to call it, can be summed up by the accused themselves.  Ted Cruz, in this video, is caught lying, not misleading, not misrepresenting, but LYING BOLDLY with his natural finger wagging holier than thou preacher style, to his sheep supporters that still somehow believe that this fledgling butt muppet is not guilty of lying, cheating and more.

Dead hookers, dead Madam. Is Ted Cruz a cross dressing peeping Tom?


Does the Cruz Sex Scandal have a link to Justice Scalia?


InfoWars nightly news dives into Cruz Sex Scandal


The infowars.com team are unafraid to tackle the Cruz Sex Scandal. Skip to the 3rd minute of the video.


Great reporting by David Knight.

Maddow braves the Cruz sex scandal and DC Madam phone records


Is Taylor Swift endorsing Ted Cruz? Looking at Amanda Carpenter’s Twitter page makes me think so

Does Taylor Swift endorse Ted Cruz?

Taylor Swift is a very successful musician and a role model for thousands of people, especially young women, to look up to and admire.  While researching Amanda Carpenter because of the Cruz Sex Scandal, we ran across this Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ Vine on her Twitter feed from January 16, 2015.

It’s very ironic that the “I keep Cruz’in” post that has a hashtag of #TaylorSwiftCongress on the Vine doesn’t stop after “I keep Cruz’in”, it goes on to Taylor Swift gyrating her hips “Can’t stop, won’t stop, moving”.

Does Taylor Swift know about this Twitter post by Amanda Carpenter?

Does Ms. Swift give her blessing on this type of politicized placement?

We encourage you to tweet out to Taylor Swift and ask if her she endorses Ted Cruz.

The double standard of media coverage- Lying Ted Cruz on Jimmy Kimmel


When it comes to late night, Jimmy Kimmel for me is someone that I’ve respected for a long time regarding his career path.  Last night he had #LyinTed on the program and basically the “jokes” were flying with new super comedian Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz “jokes” about running over Donald Trump in his car.

I’m wondering if that’s really an acceptable comment to be making as a Presidential Candidate?  Seriously?  Oh, wait a minute.  That’s right, it was anti-Trump, so it gets a pass.  Every single thing going on in the media that has a Trump negative overtone to it, gets cycled like nobody’s business.

Ted Cruz, you’re a pathetic Senator with ZERO accomplishments, with the exception of reading Dr. Seuss successfully, and you sir, are no comedian.  You are laughable, but not funny.  Your cringed, fake looking smile only makes you look more uncomfortable, like when you have to release that giant fart in church.

Here’s an idea jokester, take our CHALLENGE!  Is that funny?  Loser.

Interview about the Cruz Sex Scandal, Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, Donald Trump and more


Interview with  Mr. Duke Machado on PatriotInsightRadio.com 3/30/2016.

We covered a lot of ground about the Cruz Sex Scandal, my views about the scandal and everything around it.

Have a listen.

Diamond and Silk talk about “Ol Lyin Ted” Cruz Sex Scandal


Diamond and Silk talk about the Cruz Sex Scandal on the “down low”.

Ted Cruz placed the blame on Donald Trump.  It wasn’t Donald Trump.

They talkin alleged “Lollipop” and alias “Candy Wrapper”.


Bill Still on private connection in Cruz Campaign involving Amanda Carpenter


This is mind blowing!

Bill Still and his wife are amazing.  This explosive letter should get mainstream media attention, but it probably will not.

It claims Heidi Cruz KNOWS OF TED’S AFFAIRS!



Marco Rubio held Cruz Sex Scandal details


Roger Stone talks about getting blamed for and he says who had the dirt.

It was Marco Rubio’s to distribute and he never got the traction needed to advance with the dirt, so he opted not to dish it.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone tear Ted Cruz apart!


Alex Jones and Roger Stone smash Ted Cruz.  After the National Enquirer story came out, Cruz went on the “offensive” to attack Trump, his “henchmen”, and Roger Stone.  Considering that the National Enquirer was working on the story for about 6 months, it’s pretty impossible to put it out there in a 24 hour time frame after a retweet from Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz has been separated from Heidi for years?

Ted Cruz’s daughters don’t even like him?

People in Austin don’t even like him?


Roger Stone is on FIRE about Cruz Sex Scandal with Malzberg on NewsmaxTV


Roger Stone is absolutely on fire about the Cruz sex scandal.

He blasts Cruz for throwing Trump under the bus regarding the story and Stone goes onto confirm his belief it was a Marco Rubio operative.

When probed by Malzberg, Stone says that if he was involved in it, he certainly wouldn’t have left his thumbprint in the National Enquirer article and had he orchestrated it, nobody would have ever known.

Roger says without hesitation that he KNOWS that CRUZ HAD SEX with at least 2 of the 5 women!

We’re on it!  Roger, get back in touch with us please.  We need to interview you!

$20,000 for Cruz Sex Tape

CruzSexScandal.com offering $20,000 for Cruz sex tape

Over the weekend, there was a $10,000 offer made for video “proof” of the Cruz Sex Scandal.  In other words, it was an offer for a Cruz sex tape.

Our offer is $20,000 to any person that has a Cruz sex tape.  We’re wondering if that is what #TheThing means that’s been used by ‘political insiders’ for months.

Got photos?  Great, let’s talk!  We could be interested.

We’re not interested in the hotel video because it proves nothing.  We are wanting to get to the bottom of this Senator sex scandal.  We’ve exhausted our leads, so we’re putting it here on the site.



Carly Fiorina protecting Ted Cruz on the infidelity question


We’re sorry that we have to talk about Carly Fiorina some more, but well, she stepped right into the frame like a Mother bear in defense of her cub.  A journalist from the Daily Mail, a very popular and highly ethical publication, asked one simple question.

Of course the question was never answered.  After Momma bear Carly stepped in, Ted Cruz went back to his talking points of Donald Trump’s ‘henchmen’ and complete and utter garbage full of lies.  He was of course referencing the National Enquirer story.

The oddest thing I picked up on in this video is how Ted, appeared to be the high school student and Fiorina his Mom, defending him to the school administrators on why he didn’t do his homework or something.  The whole thing was actually a bit weird.  It actually has to pose a question- Why?  Is she protecting the $500,000 “deal” from pac to pac?

Here is the video- pay special attention to Fiorina’s and Cruz’s body language right after the question is asked.

Challenge to Amanda Carpenter


We are issuing a challenge to Amanda Carpenter:


We issued Senator Ted Cruz a challenge on March 26, 2016 and we have had no response.

Our challenge to Amanda Carpenter is very straight forward.

  1. We will pay for the professional polygraph examination in whatever city Amanada Carpenter choose to have the examination.
  2. There will be only 2 questions asked that we seek the answer to:”Have you engaged in any inappropriate sexual acts with Senator Ted Cruz at anytime that would be deemed as cheating on your husband and he cheating on his wife?”

    “Have you been contacted by Senator Ted Cruz directly or by any Cruz Campaign member via text message, email, Skype, phone call or other form of communication advising you what to say regarding the National Enquirer story?”

  3. If Amanda Carpenter is deemed as non-deceptive or truthful with her answers of “No” to the first question and “No” to the second question, we will donate $1,000 to any charity of Amanda Carpenter’s choice.

Should Amanda Carpenter take the polygraph challenge?