Carly Fiorina protecting Ted Cruz on the infidelity question


We’re sorry that we have to talk about Carly Fiorina some more, but well, she stepped right into the frame like a Mother bear in defense of her cub.  A journalist from the Daily Mail, a very popular and highly ethical publication, asked one simple question.

Of course the question was never answered.  After Momma bear Carly stepped in, Ted Cruz went back to his talking points of Donald Trump’s ‘henchmen’ and complete and utter garbage full of lies.  He was of course referencing the National Enquirer story.

The oddest thing I picked up on in this video is how Ted, appeared to be the high school student and Fiorina his Mom, defending him to the school administrators on why he didn’t do his homework or something.  The whole thing was actually a bit weird.  It actually has to pose a question- Why?  Is she protecting the $500,000 “deal” from pac to pac?

Here is the video- pay special attention to Fiorina’s and Cruz’s body language right after the question is asked.