Ted Cruz lies on Fox News to Shannon Bream

How about that! He denounced it alright! This habitual liar! He denounced it immediately just like he lied about apologizing to Dr. Ben Carson that night, wait,...

Amanda Carpenter- Cruz Secret Weapon

On the day of the Iowa Caucus, @AmandaCarpenter tweeted out the following at 4:46pm CST: "Carson is 'taking a break' after Iowa? This should be...

Cheating Liars Compilation Starring Cruz, Clinton, Edwards; grab the popcorn

When I say grab the popcorn, I mean GRAB THE POPCORN! This is hysterical! Creative editing, clever placement, timing and audio. Awesome job.

Interview about the Cruz Sex Scandal, Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, Donald Trump and more

Interview with  Mr. Duke Machado on 3/30/2016. We covered a lot of ground about the Cruz Sex Scandal, my views about the scandal and...

Ted Cruz on birth right citizenship- Lying then or lying now?

Ted Cruz, you have got to be kidding me. We have seen the video, you know, the one in the first part of this video,...

Roger Stone is on FIRE about Cruz Sex Scandal with Malzberg on NewsmaxTV

Roger Stone is absolutely on fire about the Cruz sex scandal. He blasts Cruz for throwing Trump under the bus regarding the story and Stone...

InfoWars nightly news dives into Cruz Sex Scandal

The team are unafraid to tackle the Cruz Sex Scandal. Skip to the 3rd minute of the video.   Great reporting by David Knight.

Diamond and Silk talk about “Ol Lyin Ted” Cruz Sex Scandal

Diamond and Silk talk about the Cruz Sex Scandal on the "down low". Ted Cruz placed the blame on Donald Trump.  It wasn't Donald Trump. They...

Carly Fiorina protecting Ted Cruz on the infidelity question

We're sorry that we have to talk about Carly Fiorina some more, but well, she stepped right into the frame like a Mother bear...