Cruz Sex Scandal Compilation

Great job on this video compilation. along with other independent websites have also shared snippets. The song and graphics mix into the news video is...

Hypocrite Ted Cruz has Obamacare insurance

Ted, really? Says one thing, does another. All talk, NO action!

Cruz Sex Scandal and Govt ties to escort services started with Dick Cheney

Wow! The info just keeps coming! Escorts, phone records, former Vice President-

Pervert Ted Cruz BUSTED on Twitter liking a hot and juicy Xrated PORN vid

Well, well, well... Hi Senator Cruz.  It's been awhile.  Thank you for being such a douche bag pervert.  We knew you would come around...

John Edwards continuously LIED about his 1 affair

John Edwards continuously lied and lied and lied, denied and denied and denied, his 1 affair. Can you imagine the "Courageous Conservative Christian" denial strength...

Establishment Heidi Cruz and the Cruz Sex Scandal by Bill Mitchell

This is a GREAT vid pod! It's a pleasure knowing Bill via Twitter @mitchellvii and see his intelligence, conviction, love and passion for our Country. We...

Ted Cruz the narcissist explained

LOL #AmericanPresident #MichaelDouglas quotes are hilarious! Great job TheTruthDamit well done! Love ya!

Roger Stone is on FIRE about Cruz Sex Scandal with Malzberg on NewsmaxTV

Roger Stone is absolutely on fire about the Cruz sex scandal. He blasts Cruz for throwing Trump under the bus regarding the story and Stone...

Meet Ted Cruz through the eyes of Glenn Beck

Wow, we don't even know what to say about this video.  If they were the 2 finalists in the CREEPIEST CHICK MAGNET of the...

Carly Fiorina protecting Ted Cruz on the infidelity question

We're sorry that we have to talk about Carly Fiorina some more, but well, she stepped right into the frame like a Mother bear...

Challenge to Amanda Carpenter

We are issuing a challenge to Amanda Carpenter: TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST We issued Senator Ted Cruz a challenge on March 26, 2016 and we...

Cruz Meme Maker #CruzSexScandal

We know that the #WorldClassLiar @TedCruz wishes that he could REALLY GO BACK BACK TO THE FUTURE!  The self lacing shoes are happening!  We...

Challenge to Ted Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz, It has come to our attention that you are extremely upset with this falsehood sham about your sex scandal with at least...

Ted Cruz called President Obama the N word

Wow! It is amazing what you find out when you start doing a bit of digging. Why haven't we heard of this before?  I'll tell you...

Ted Cruz on Heidi Cruz is way out of herhisss league

Ted Cruz on CNN quoting, or misquoting, Michael Douglas in the American President movie. He is known to know the entire Constitution, yet, he can't...
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Undeniable proof Ted Cruz cannot be President

Special thanks to Pastor Cooper and the North American Law Center. We've seen the video testimonial of deciphering the Constitution on natural born citizen, but...