Ted Cruz the narcissist explained

LOL #AmericanPresident #MichaelDouglas quotes are hilarious! Great job TheTruthDamit well done! Love ya!

Ted Cruz called President Obama the N word

Wow! It is amazing what you find out when you start doing a bit of digging. Why haven't we heard of this before?  I'll tell you...

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the Cruz Sex Scandal

After several messages on Twitter and emails, we are putting the Stephan Molyneux video on the site.  The reason we did not immediately publish...

Regardless of the issue, kids are off limits

Doing our research today on the women involved in the #CruzSexScandal we uncovered a few photos of children.  Specifically a child of Amanda Carpenter,...

STR8 Outta Options~ Funny 3 minute break from the #CruzSexScandal

You're welcome :)   This is probably the best acted, best filmed and best post production vid I've seen and the writing is GREAT!  If you...

Ted Cruz on Heidi Cruz is way out of herhisss league

Ted Cruz on CNN quoting, or misquoting, Michael Douglas in the American President movie. He is known to know the entire Constitution, yet, he can't...

Blockbuster Cruz Sex Scandal video and Washington Times journo Drew Johnson

The Ted Cruz cheating allegations made by the National Enquirer almost blew up Twitter on Good Friday in the very early morning hours.  The...

Cheating Liars Compilation Starring Cruz, Clinton, Edwards; grab the popcorn

When I say grab the popcorn, I mean GRAB THE POPCORN! This is hysterical! Creative editing, clever placement, timing and audio. Awesome job.

Meet Ted Cruz through the eyes of Glenn Beck

Wow, we don't even know what to say about this video.  If they were the 2 finalists in the CREEPIEST CHICK MAGNET of the...

Cruz Sex Scandal and Govt ties to escort services started with Dick Cheney

Wow! The info just keeps coming! Escorts, phone records, former Vice President-

John Edwards continuously LIED about his 1 affair

John Edwards continuously lied and lied and lied, denied and denied and denied, his 1 affair. Can you imagine the "Courageous Conservative Christian" denial strength...

Trump OFFICIALLY denounces ANY involvement in Cruz Sex Scandal

Happy Easter! This morning, Donald Trump states very clearly that he, nor his Campaign Staff, had anything to do with the National Enquirer story on...

Ted Cruz, the habitual liar, is caught lying 6 times in under 4 minutes

The Cruz Sex Scandal, Senator Sex Scandal, or whatever you want to call it, can be summed up by the accused themselves.  Ted Cruz,...

Challenge to Amanda Carpenter

We are issuing a challenge to Amanda Carpenter: TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST We issued Senator Ted Cruz a challenge on March 26, 2016 and we...

Roger Stone is on FIRE about Cruz Sex Scandal with Malzberg on NewsmaxTV

Roger Stone is absolutely on fire about the Cruz sex scandal. He blasts Cruz for throwing Trump under the bus regarding the story and Stone...

Interview about the Cruz Sex Scandal, Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, Donald Trump and more

Interview with  Mr. Duke Machado on 3/30/2016. We covered a lot of ground about the Cruz Sex Scandal, my views about the scandal and...

Hypocrite Ted Cruz has Obamacare insurance

Ted, really? Says one thing, does another. All talk, NO action!

Ted Cruz is going down in flames

At the beginning of this 2016 Presidential Election cycle, almost every single political pundit and pine tree nitwit that has cable tv, said "Donald...

Marco Rubio held Cruz Sex Scandal details

Roger Stone talks about getting blamed for and he says who had the dirt. It was Marco Rubio's to distribute and he never got the...

Ted Cruz on birth right citizenship- Lying then or lying now?

Ted Cruz, you have got to be kidding me. We have seen the video, you know, the one in the first part of this video,...

Why the Ashley Madison hack proves at the very least Ted Cruz is a...

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