Challenge to Ted Cruz


Dear Senator Cruz,

It has come to our attention that you are extremely upset with this falsehood sham about your sex scandal with at least 5 women after the National Enquirer published their article.

Personally, we believe that you are a hypocrite that panders to Christians.  Our personal feelings about you aside, we issue you this challenge:


It’s that simple.  You could put to ease all of the ill will feelings that have arose from your “alleged” cheating, not only in the bedroom, or closet, or movie theater, but also on the 2016 Presidential campaign trail, such as the Iowa Caucus.  After all, you’ve lost the majority of Evangelical vote.

With this challenge, should you take it up, and PROVE that you are not a lying, hypocritical cheater, then we will issue your campaign this domain name, and website content.  We will also issue you the domain name,, which currently forwards to your TedCruz.orgy domain name.  We will also VOTE for you, should you become the GOP Nominee.

So how about it Mr. Cruz?  Do you accept our challenge?

**UPDATE** will pay for the polygraph services for Mr. Cruz.

The #PolygraphChallenge has now been issued for 35 days to Mr. Cruz. We thought we’d update this to include the ONE QUESTION we would like the Senator to answer:

“Have you had any sexual relations, to include sexting, giving or receiving touches of sensual areas, or of course oral sex or intercourse as defined in the dictionary, during your relationship and marriage to Heidi, that would be considered breaking at least 1 of the 10 Commandments, according to your Christian faith position?”



Should Ted Cruz take the polygraph challenge?