Is Taylor Swift endorsing Ted Cruz? Looking at Amanda Carpenter’s Twitter page makes me think so

Does Taylor Swift endorse Ted Cruz?

Taylor Swift is a very successful musician and a role model for thousands of people, especially young women, to look up to and admire.  While researching Amanda Carpenter because of the Cruz Sex Scandal, we ran across this Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ Vine on her Twitter feed from January 16, 2015.

It’s very ironic that the “I keep Cruz’in” post that has a hashtag of #TaylorSwiftCongress on the Vine doesn’t stop after “I keep Cruz’in”, it goes on to Taylor Swift gyrating her hips “Can’t stop, won’t stop, moving”.

Does Taylor Swift know about this Twitter post by Amanda Carpenter?

Does Ms. Swift give her blessing on this type of politicized placement?

We encourage you to tweet out to Taylor Swift and ask if her she endorses Ted Cruz.