Ted Cruz called President Obama the N word



It is amazing what you find out when you start doing a bit of digging.

Why haven’t we heard of this before?  I’ll tell you why.  The LAMESTREAM MEDIA and FEAUX NEWS does NOT do their JOBS!  Just like it took a COURAGEOUS team at the Boston Globe in the Spotlight team to UNCOVER and EXPOSE the hideous, disgusting, hidden dark world of those pedophile priests within the Catholic Church, we think that it’s going to be another COURAGEOUS team to pick up the ball and run with it since the National Enquirer had the BALLS to pick the ball up and start the game.

Back to the title of the post.  Ted Cruz called President Obama the N word at a private fundraiser.  Is this not racist?  Is this not shameful?  Is this not utterly (Yeh, I know- I put utterly in there because that phony fake Christian hypocrite Ted Cruz uses it ALLLLL the time) deplorable.  Ted Cruz, sir, or madam, whichever you would prefer, it’s time to get off of your pedestal.  You should apologize, just like John Edwards did, and go about your merry way back to the Senate so you can read some more Dr. Seuss for everybody’s enjoyment.