The double standard of media coverage- Lying Ted Cruz on Jimmy Kimmel


When it comes to late night, Jimmy Kimmel for me is someone that I’ve respected for a long time regarding his career path.  Last night he had #LyinTed on the program and basically the “jokes” were flying with new super comedian Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz “jokes” about running over Donald Trump in his car.

I’m wondering if that’s really an acceptable comment to be making as a Presidential Candidate?  Seriously?  Oh, wait a minute.  That’s right, it was anti-Trump, so it gets a pass.  Every single thing going on in the media that has a Trump negative overtone to it, gets cycled like nobody’s business.

Ted Cruz, you’re a pathetic Senator with ZERO accomplishments, with the exception of reading Dr. Seuss successfully, and you sir, are no comedian.  You are laughable, but not funny.  Your cringed, fake looking smile only makes you look more uncomfortable, like when you have to release that giant fart in church.

Here’s an idea jokester, take our CHALLENGE!  Is that funny?  Loser.